pantarhei is a new form of corporate advisory managed by its partners. Our approach combines the professional know-how of a strategic communications agency with the analytical, process-orientated methods of a management consultancy.

In a climate of constant change and increasing complexity, we aim to find forward-looking responses to the strategic and communications challenges faced by our clients.

We see communication as a strategic management toolkit that helps organisations achieve their central goals.

We provide strategy and communications support to companies, non-profit organisations and public and civic institutions in relation to commercial, organisational and regulatory issues.

Our integrated consultancy approach incorporates the entire communication process: from analysis to strategy development, all the way to implementing tailor-made solutions to engage the relevant stakeholder groups.

What is special about us: our company is firmly rooted in the Austrian culture – and this is the foundation of our success. We are charming, we understand to lead a good small-talk and know the art of entertaining communication, and yet, we get very professionally down to business once the time is right. We combine the Austrian charm with many years of experience in public affairs, politics, public relations, management consulting and strategic communications across the entire German-speaking region, in Southeast and Eastern Europe, and at the European level. A mix that our international clients value particularly about us. Today, our staff and clients originate from various countries from within and outside the EU.

Pantarhei corporate advisors was established in 2013 with offices in Vienna, Graz and Brussels, following the merger between the Austrian consultancy firms cumclave and peritia. Pantarhei corporate advisors europe was enlarged in 2016 by the Brussels-based company IMConsult.