Mag. Rudolf Ogertschnig

RO_swRudolf Ogertschnig
Managing Partner

Rudolf Ogertschnig studied in Vienna, Berlin and Brussels. A politics and communications specialist, he started his career in 2002 at the Province of Carinthia’s representative office in Brussels before joining the Federation of Austrian Industries trainee programme, where he was responsible for marketing and communications, as well as social policy. After leaving the federation, his next stop was Austrian PR market leader Pleon Publico, where he worked until 2010. His roles included senior consultant, and he specialised in communications and strategy projects for the energy and infrastructure segments, public-sector institutions and advocacy groups.

He became a partner at peritia communications in February 2011, with a focus on energy and infrastructure, as well as strategic and operational consulting for a number of interest groups. He is now Managing Partner at pantarhei corporate advisors following peritia’s January 2013 merger with cumclave Unternehmensberatung. During his decade-long career, Rudolf Ogertschnig has advised a host of high-level businesses and institutions in Austria and abroad on strategic communications issues and strategy implementation.

His clients have included power companies Verbund and Austrian Power Grid AG; Austrian Federal Railways; Austria’s energy regulator E-Control; various associations and working groups at the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber and Vienna Economic Chamber; the European Minerals Resources Conference (EUMICON); energy group illwerke vkw; and the European People’s Party (EPP), a European Parliament group.

Rudolf Ogertschnig specialises in issue-based and strategic consulting, and analysis. He lives and works in Vienna.