As part of our integrated consulting approach and the tool-based methodology that goes along with it, we cooperate closely with selected professional partners:

FAS.research |
We have worked with FAS.research for many years in the field of strategic network analysis.

Community-based Innovation Systems |
We cooperate closely with Community-based Innovation Systems (cbased), the leading developer of online participation tools, to create and implement process-led participation models when advising on participative decision-making processes.

webLyzard technology |
A key element in strategic issue management is integrated analysis of all communication channels – online and offline. Together with our partner webLyzard technology, we offer the world’s most sophisticated solution for systematising, tracking and monitoring worldwide information flows and local issue management.

KWR Rechtsanwälte |
Our compliance management activities are centred on our partnership with law firm KWR Rechtsanwälte, which has built up a wealth of expertise in this area.