What we think is Strategy. What we do is of Relevance. How we work is based on Methodology.

We listen, we serve as sparring partners and trusted advisors with the ambition to develop communication that resonates with the addressed stakeholders. We develop innovative communications strategies and link them with our experience of European politics. We reliably fulfill our clients‘ demands. We are meticulate and exact. Whether strategic advice concerning regulatory challenges, Public Affairs support at EU level, specific coaching to master political, organisational or business challenges, or the accompaniment of entrepreneurial or political transformation processes.


What we do – and what we are particularly good at

We offer a wide range of public affairs and advisory services. They range from issues monitoring to strategy development, up to fully-fledged advocacy work. This can include, for instance, the strategic assessment of your communications goals, issue management, public affairs strategy development, agenda-setting activities, association management, contact management, workshop moderation, event organization, process management, organizational development and many other services beneficial to your communication goals.

We have a particular expertise in liberalised and highly regulated markets as well as in network industries (energy, ICT, transport, postal market, logistics, pharma). Beyond these sectors, our clients come from the raw materials industry, the financial services and insurance market, and from the legal sector.

Network industries (energy, transport, telecommunications, postal services)

Digitalisation increasingly determines our working and private lifes. The creation of the Digital Single Market is one of the most important goals of the European Commission. Digitalisation comes along with a multitude of regulatory challenges. Such challenges are faced by the ICT sector in a more narrow sense, such as data protection rules, competition rules for the electronic communications sector – including new market players, or questions of cyber security. Regulatory challenges also arise for other sectors however – whether transport with connecting cars, wifi in trains or a digitised logistics sector. We connect our knowledge of the ICT, energy, transport and postal market to your benefit.

Healthcare sector/pharmaceuticals

Demographic change, and consequently a new quality of healthcare, is a huge societal and political challenge of the 21st century.  How does health remain affordable? Which incentives are needed for research-based pharmaceutical companies? Which conditions or competition rules are necessary to ensure fair competition to the benefit of consumers? Where does the regulator need to intervene, where does the market take care of emerging problems? We accompany you in your dialogue with the relevant decision-makers.

Raw materials and energy-intensive industries

The industrial sector belongs to the largest contributors to the value chain in Europe when it comes to purchasing power, growth and jobs. At the same time, the industrial sector is one of the most strongly regulated sectors in Europe. The future political framework conditions will determine the role of European industrial companies vis-à-vis digitization, climate and energy regulation, and global competition. We ensure that your interests are considered.


Our methods

We have acquired specific methodological competences that render our consultancy services unique and extraordinary, for instance:

Systemic business coaching

We know exactly out of which situation and context you approach us – and we advise you based on our encompassing coaching competences. We use this to develop the most adequate communication of your goals. Additionally, we offer you concrete executive and management coaching – whether it is to successfully present yourself in a European Parliament Hearing or for one-on-one meetings with Commission officials, or to ensure that you can implement your strategy inside your organization. “Systemic“ means  that we consider all influential factors of the environment of your issues together with you. We evaluate them and develop options to face them adequately.

Service Design

When entering the competition of arguments – whether in Brussels or at the national level – you need messages are understood by your discussion partners. We use the method of service design, or design thinking, to look at your issue from all sides and offer you unconventional approaches to ensure such understanding. What this means:  we use creative, moderated processes to put ourselves in your shoes and into those of your discussion partners. We simulate concrete situations and develop resilient, tested concepts and solutions. Occasionally, we also offer service design processes as part of a communication campaign.

Referential network analysis

Effective interest representation requires a multitude of contacts and strong alliances. This holds especially true for the European level, where a multitude of different interests compete with each other to get heard and considered. Together with FASresearch, we apply a specific method to quickly identify new networks of relevant stakeholders. What this means: you are no longer dependent on the quality of your or our existing networks, but you learn within a very short period of time who is relevant for your issue, and how you can best communicate with these contacts. No matter which context, whether political, business or civil society.